Traffic Tickets Can Cost More than Just the Fines

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We’ve all been there. You’re late for work, school, or a kid’s game, so you drive just a bit faster than allowed. All of a sudden you see the lights flashing in your rearview mirror.

Most drivers will receive a traffic ticket at some point in their lives. The police officer will politely explain that you may sign the guilty plea on the ticket and send in the amount of the fine. Simple. Quick. What he doesn’t explain to you is that your car insurance premiums will likely rise due to the paid ticket. You’ll be paying more in car insurance for much longer than you think. He also won’t likely explain that you’ll receive points against your license. Too many points and you’ll lose your license. Another thing to consider is the increase in background checks into job applicants driving records. Too many tickets and you may lose out on that perfect job.

Most traffic tickets are easily fixed. Counties, Municipalities, and States all have systems in place for drivers in the know to reduce the points received and keep their insurance premiums low. The ticket will be amended to a non-moving charge with no assigned points. The driver will pay an increased fine, however, save money in the long run with their lower insurance premiums. The trick to these systems in place is that most require the driver to have an attorney. Often the prosecutor will not offer the amendment to the driver themselves.

​ So the next time you see those lights in your rearview mirror, don’t jump at the quick solution of paying the ticket. Call an attorney. Save yourself headaches and money by using the systems in place.