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Are you paying for a timeshare that isn’t what you were expecting it to be? Are you tired of maintenance fees, annual payments, and your inability to use the timeshare as much as you’d hoped? If you believe you have been misled into purchasing a timeshare that doesn’t suit your needs, there are ways to exit a contract with legal help.

At Wood Ikram Law Firm, our Kansas City timeshare cancellation lawyers can help you get out of a timeshare contract in a manner that is legal, safe, and affordable. Many “timeshare exit companies” exit but are attempts to squeeze even more money out of those stuck with bad contracts. The best way to exit a contract is by using the law to your advantage with the help of an experienced timeshare cancellation attorney. We can also help you review a timeshare contract before signing to help ensure you are getting a good deal.

Here are the several benefits of hiring our Kansas City timeshare attorneys:

  1. Our timeshare cancellation attorney can provide invaluable assistance to individuals looking to exit a timeshare contract.
  2. We can help you identify potential legal loopholes that may allow you to terminate your agreement and avoid any further financial obligations.
  3. By enlisting our knowledgeable and experienced legal services, you may be able to protect yourself from any potential liabilities or other costs associated with the termination process.
  4. Our team will be able to review your contract, as well as all applicable state laws, and then build a strategy that best fits your individual situation.
  5. Through our expertise, our timeshare attorneys may be able to negotiate better terms on your behalf, such as reduced fees or partial refunds on payments already made.
  6. Our lawyer also has access to resources that can expedite the process of vacating a timeshare and dealing with any remaining issues in an efficient manner without having to navigate complex legal systems alone.
  7. Furthermore, if your timeshare agreement is found to be invalid or fraudulent in nature, we may even be able to take legal action against the responsible party for compensation for damages incurred as a result of their wrongdoing or negligence.
  8. Our timeshare lawyers can provide peace of mind and save time, money, and stress when it comes time to cancel a contract or dispute ownership rights or agreements that are unfair or unjustified in any way.

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Why Cancel Your Timeshare Contract?

Due to the unique and often hurried nature of timeshare buying and selling, most states—including Kansas and Missouri—have enacted laws that allow timeshare buyers to cancel contracts if they act quickly, usually within three to five days (known as the rescission deadline). This means that if you’ve recently entered into a timeshare contract and are having second thoughts, you can cancel the contract. However, unless you suffer buyer’s remorse immediately and request to get out of a contract you just signed, it’s probably already too late to cancel—at least without taking legal action.

Because timeshare sellers are known for persistently pursuing potential buyers, it’s not unheard of for a vacationer attending a sales presentation solely for the free swag to walk out as a timeshare owner. People may also get tricked into signing timeshare contracts only to later realize the deal is not as good as it was made to seem. People who buy timeshares are often unaware of their obligation to pay taxes, fees, and assessments for instance. When adding up the total financial cost of having a timeshare, many people change their minds—or would if it weren’t too late.

Fortunately, there are safe and legal ways to get out of or “exit” your contract after your timeshare cancellation period has ended. Our experienced lawyers for timeshare in Kansas City can assist with both timeshare cancellations and timeshare exits.

How to Cancel a Timeshare Contract

When cancelling a time share contract, you usually have to send it in writing. Even if it is allowed to be cancelled orally, our time share lawyers recommend still putting it in writing.

What to Include in a Timeshare Cancellation Letter

  • The current date
  • Your name as it written on the contract.
  • Your address, phone number, and email address
  • The name of the timeshare company
  • Timeshare description (use the description from the timeshare paperwork)
  • The date the timeshare was purchased
  • A clear statement that you are canceling the contract.

Keep in mind, that individual state laws might require additional information you have to include in your cancellation notice.

How to Protect Yourself in a Timeshare Deal

When purchasing a timeshare, it is critical you understand your rights. If you happen to sign a timeshare contract early on during a vacation, for instance, the rescission deadline could easily pass before you even get home. A vacation probably isn’t the best time to sign a contract anyway, as you may be feeling less inhibited than you would at home.

When you purchase a timeshare, make sure to read all the fine print so you fully understand how long the cancellation period is and how to go about it. Timeshare laws typically require sellers to provide details in the contract regarding how long you have to cancel the deal, as well as the procedures for delivering a cancellation letter. However, timeshare sellers may try to bury these details in the paperwork or word the information so it’s confusing and difficult to interpret. Make sure you also review other terms of the contract, what fees are owed, and what benefits you will receive.

If the cancellation period has lapsed, there may still be ways for you to cancel the contract. Often times high pressure sales tactics, misrepresentations, and even fraud occur during the sale of a timeshare. You may have recourse if you experienced any of these during the sales process or renewal.

To verify how much time you have to cancel a timeshare contract—and the specific procedures you need to follow—consider talking to a timeshare cancellation attorney in the state where the timeshare is located. If you buy a timeshare abroad and want to learn about your cancellation rights, consult with an international law attorney or consumer protection agency in that country.

Work with an Experienced Timeshare Litigation Lawyer

Don’t trust timeshare exit companies or “financial groups” to get out of your timeshare legally or cost-effectively. Hire a timeshare cancellation lawyer in your area experienced in such matters to look over everything and ensure you are acting in your best interests before making such an important decision. We will help you do it the right way.

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