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At Wood Ikram Law Firm, we are proud to provide accessible, personalized, and comprehensive legal guidance for international legal issues in Missouri, Kanas, and elsewhere throughout the U.S. and other nations. Our Kansas City international law attorneys possess a wealth of understanding regarding how individuals and companies can conduct business involving two or more countries.

When different jurisdictions are involved in one case, vastly different legal systems may be at odds requiring an experienced legal team to navigate them. We provide strategic legal solutions tailored to both domestic and international companies doing business overseas, for people who are facing legal disputes in foreign jurisdictions, and governments and governmental agencies including acting as registered agents for sovereign nations.

Our international legal services at Wood Ikram Law Firm include:

  • Entity formation
  • International business transactions
  • International contracts
  • International debt collection
  • Frozen asset recovery
  • Registered agent services for sovereign nations
  • International litigation and alternative dispute resolution
  • And more

If you believe you are facing a legal issue that falls under international law, call Wood Ikram Law Firm at (816) 597-5966 to discuss your case and legal options during a free consultation. 

What is International Law?

International law is a system of agreements and treaties made between nations that govern how they interact with other nations, including the citizens and businesses within them. As the world becomes more globalized and people travel and do business with and within other countries regularly, international law is becoming more relevant than ever.

Because most international laws are governed by treaties, it is typically up to individual nations to enforce such laws. However, some collective international organizations have been established to enforce certain treaties. The most notable example is the United Nations, which has members from nearly every country on Earth.

What are the Types of International Law?

Generally speaking, international law issues fall into one of three categories:

  • Private international law: This concerns conflicts between private entities, such as individuals or corporations, which have a significant relationship to more than one nation. For example, if an American corporation is sued by one in Japan, private international law determines which jurisdiction should hear the dispute. Also called “conflict of law.”
  • Public international law: This deals with the relationships between nations and entities within them. Maritime law, treaty law, and international human rights law all fall under public international law.
  • Supranational law: This form of international law is based on the limitation of the rights of sovereign nations between one another. In supranational law matters, counties explicitly submit their right to make judicial decisions by treaty to a set of common tribunal. The European Union (EU) is a good example of a supranational group.

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